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Solvent based lamination machine

Create high-quality packaging with an efficiently working solvent based lamination machine that is designed and manufactured by Jorni. With our tailor-made solutions you create packages fast, in high-quality and save space to work as efficient as possible.

A solvent based lamination machine that suits your needs

Every solvent based lamination machine that we design, manufacture and install is tailored to fit your needs best. Are you not sure what your ideal solvent based lamination machine looks like? No problem! With our years of experience we can advise you about the best possible solution for your situation. Rely on expert knowledge and excellent customer service; reach out to Jorni today and get your machine needs taken care of!

Get the machine that fits your company

Curious about how we design the most efficiently working lamination machine for your company in the paper or textile industry? Call us at +31(0)35 5261489. We are happy to inform you about the different possibilities in creating a solvent based lamination machine that benefits your company the most. Looking for tailored spare parts for a solvent based lamination machine that you own already? We deliver every part that you need. Call us at the previous mentioned phone number for more information.

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