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Expendable shaft

An Expendable shaft is mostly used in the paper and textile industry to wind or unwind large rolls of paper, foil or fiber. Are you looking for a professional partner that provides tailor-made solutions for your winding machine? Contact Jorni today!

Work more efficiently with an expendable shaft

An expendable shaft is also known as a pneumatic expendable shaft. This means that the shaft uses compressed air to expand. This makes your winding machine way more efficient than using non-expendable shafts. How? An expendable shaft is:

  • Very accurate
  • Working faster
  • Able to fully wind or unwind an entire roll
  • Able to work fully automatic, without manual intervention

Tailor-made for the best results

Every company is unique and so are their winding machines. That is why we offer tailored expendable shafts to get the best out of your machine and of your production process.

How can we help you?

Designing a high-quality expendable shaft for your winding machine, that is the goal of Jorni. Tell us more about your needs by calling +31(0)35 5261489. We gladly tell you about all the different possibilities and about how we can use our years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing to make your winding machine more efficiently.


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