Good equipment is half the battle. For this reason Jorni Machines & Jorni Parts produce complete machines and machine components tailored for the laminating and the winding industry both in the Netherlands and abroad.


For both practical and ergonomic reasons it is becoming more common for manufacturers

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Safety chucks

The default program contains three different apertures for holding the spindle: A1 (image 1), A2 (image 2), A3 (image 3).

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Web guidance

Sensors are available in the following types: LED, compensated ultrasonic, high temperature, dangerous environment and line detection types.

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Jorni Machines & Parts International (JMI) is a trading and manufacturing company that grew out of the original Jorni company which was established in 1993. At that time the company started providing services for the winding industry; including the winding and unwinding of paper, foils and all sorts of other products – as long as it could be put on a roll. Initially these services only involved the supply of components, but pretty soon the market was asking for more: not only components but complete finished machinery. The company rose to that challenge, moved several times and is now situated on the ‘t Plaveen industrial estate in Huizen.

Winding and laminating: the golden combination.

In 2001 our long experience with winding and laminating were combined: in that year we began producing our own roll laminators. This combination has brought great advantages to both disciplines. Lamination is highly dependent on the quality of the winding and unwinding. We then applied our know-how in the area of winding to a wide range laminating materials: from rigid foils to stretch fabrics.

Our name makes it clear

The changes in the company were not only visible in its activities,
but also in its name. Since 2005 the company has been known as
‘Jorni Machines & Parts International’.

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Jorni Machines & Parts builds high-quality custom-made machinery at competitive prices, to ensure good value for your money. A typical example of the work we deliver is the ‘Turret Winder’: this machine is used in a foil production line and features Lenze drive and control elements. Both to save space and reduce noise, we devised the optimum solution.

Older machines of this type are usually equipped with gears and chains to transfer the power from the motor to the winder shaft. Jorni Machines and Parts International attached the gearboxes and drives directly to the shaft. The result was an enormous reduction in noise and a much smaller machine. We saved the client a lot of labour-intensive time and also reduced the amount of waste.

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